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Choose frozen meat slicer according to different requirements

Choose frozen meat slicer according to different requirements

With the continuous development of machinery and equipment, the design is more in line with demand. Frozen meat slicers have different types according to different temperatures and places of use, so that different users can make a reasonable choice according to their own needs. How to choose the machine according to different requirements?

1. Large food factories, because they have cold storage, can store a large amount of frozen meat without bones. When slicing is required, you have to choose a frozen meat slicer, which can cut large pieces of frozen meat into slices for direct chopping. The use of a machine or a meat grinder can ensure the quality of the meat, reduce the labor intensity of labor, and is environmentally friendly and hygienic.

2. If you want to cut fresh meat or slightly frozen meat at -5°C, you should choose a cantilever frozen meat slicer. It has a good effect on slicing large pieces of meat without bones. Generally, meat slices of more than 3 mm are cut with uniform thickness and no adhesion. Because the blades of the slicer are specially customized, they are sharp and durable, with reasonable structure and long service life. The thickness of the meat slice can be changed according to the product requirements. The cut meat slices are smooth, neat and uniform in thickness, without damage, and the effect is very good.

According to different temperatures of frozen meat, choosing the right frozen meat slicer includes some skills. When choosing, you should choose according to the operating environment of the slicer to improve the efficiency of the machine.

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