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Lubricant Inspection of Frozen Meat Slicer

Lubricant Inspection of Frozen Meat Slicer

The working principle of the frozen meat slicer is relatively simple, that is, by using the slicer’s sharp cutting surface, the frozen meat is cut into slices according to a point ratio or width. In order to make the frozen meat slicer work better, the equipment should be lubricated before operation.

1. Cut off the power first to prevent electric shock, and wait for the frozen meat slicer to cool down;

2. Open the oil drain plug and extract the lubricating oil sample;

3. Check the viscosity index of the oil: if the oil is obviously turbid, replace it as soon as possible;

4. For frozen meat slicers with oil level plugs, check the oil level, and install the oil level plugs.

After adding lubricating oil to the frozen meat slicer, it can not only improve the work efficiency, but also protect the equipment from damage and reduce the occurrence of failures. We need to replace the lubricating oil regularly when we use it.

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