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Precautions after the mutton slicer finishes work

Precautions after the mutton slicer finishes work

The mutton slicer can cut the mutton into thin slices. This kind of mutton is not only easy to cook, but also has a good taste. However, after the slicer finishes its meat cutting work, in order to facilitate the next use, there are some precautions that need to be paid attention to. Yes, what are the specific matters?

1. Rotate the hand wheel to directly raise the specimen holder to a higher position, and turn the hand wheel to stop the handle, and at the same time lock both the specimen holder and the hand wheel.

2. Remove the cutting blade directly from the knife holder of the mutton slicer, wipe it clean and place it in the knife box.

3. Remove the specimen directly from the specimen holder.

4. Clean up the chipping debris.

5. Clean the whole lamb slicer.

To sum up, after the mutton slicer finishes its work, it does not mean that you can no longer care about it, but there are some precautions worth noting. In addition, when using the slicing knife, you must be extra careful and not use it directly. Touch with your hands, and don’t place the cutting blades randomly.

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