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Frozen meat slicer equipment use steps

Frozen meat slicer equipment use steps

1. The frozen meat slicer equipment is installed smoothly and does not affect the normal operation.

2. In the testing machine, the blade speed is normal and there is no abnormal sound.

3. The meat planer should pay attention to personal hygiene, operation hygiene and product hygiene during operation.

4. Before use, adjust the thickness required for slicing, fix the planed item, and turn on the machine. Do not touch the blade with your hands when slicing.

5. Meat changing steps: First close the meat, take the meat, clip the meat, open and plan the meat.

6. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves during operation, but wear sleeves.

7. When the slicer is running, the meat planer must be operated by himself, and the slicer must not be handed over to others for use.

8. Clean the microtome only after turning off the power.

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