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Measures to avoid too broken beef and mutton slicer

Measures to avoid too broken beef and mutton slicer

1. Ensure the integrity of parts and components. During the operation, ensure that every part of the instrument is locked tightly and not loose. If it is loose, it will not only fail to cut satisfactory slices, but also cause great damage to the instrument; ensure a certain angle of slices. After adjusting the angle of the slicer, try not to adjust the angle at will, otherwise it will be difficult to cut ideal slices or jump slices.

2. Move the tool holder and the parts on the tool holder as little as possible. Because they are all fixed together by a fixed card, if they move frequently, it will cause wear between the card and the card slot, easy to loose or loose, and cause difficulties in slicing.

3. Keep the microtome clean. After each use, clean the wax chips and wax chips on the microtome, and then wipe the surface with engine oil to avoid cross-contamination and affect the life of the knife holder.

4. Ensure that the indoor environment is dry and clean. Each instrument has its own suitable environment and air pH conditions. If the air is relatively humid, the instrument is prone to rust and oxide film formation, and every time the microtome is used, You must use ice cubes to freeze wax cubes, and there are warm water bleaching tablets next to the microtome, which will affect the air humidity. Therefore, drying equipment or air-conditioning dehumidification should be equipped when slicing.

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