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Work flow of beef and mutton slicer

Work flow of beef and mutton slicer

Nowadays, the hot pot is more and more popular among the people. The beef and mutton slicer is indispensable. With it, the beef and mutton can be cut into thin slices. It can be divided into automatic and semi-automatic. Its work What is the process?

1. The feed roller of beef and mutton slicer is driven by a cutter head through a set of changing gears, and the cutter head is equipped with multiple blades according to the cutting size.

2. Avoid contact between the melt or the slices and oxygen in the air, and make the slices smooth to eliminate the powder caused by granulation.

3. The cutter head of the beef and mutton slicer is driven by a continuously variable transmission.

4. When cutting the paraffin-embedded tissue, because it adheres to the wax edge of the previous slice, a slice strip of multiple slices is made.

5. Cut many beef and mutton into regular slices according to a certain ratio.

Beef and Mutton Slicer uses the sharp cutting surface of the slicer to cut objects and materials into pieces according to the width or ratio of a point, and uses the heavy knife disk to act as a flywheel to stabilize the slice.

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