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Master some maintenance skills of frozen meat slicer

Master some maintenance skills of frozen meat slicer

1. Slices are uneven, dull and produce more powder.

(1) Reasons: the blade is not sharp; the hardness of the sliced material is too high; the sticky juice of the sliced material will stick to the blade; even if it is not sliced, the force is uniform.

2. After the power is turned on, the motor of the frozen meat slicer does not run.

(1) Reason: poor power contact or loose plug; poor switch contacts.

(2) Repair method: repair the power supply or replace the plug; repair or replace the switch of the same specification.

3. When working, the cryostat motor stops rotating.

(1) Reason: The frozen meat slicer feeds too much, and the blade is stuck; the switch is in poor contact. Evenly

(2) Maintenance method: remove the blade and grind it with a whetstone; bake the thinly sliced material to soften it; remove the blade to grind away sticky juices;

(2) Maintenance method of cryostat: look at the cutter head and remove the sticky substance; adjust the switch contacts or replace the switch.

When using a frozen meat slicer, press the other side of the device with your hand, otherwise the material will jump and the meat will not be cut in the correct position. If the material is a bit large, the material can be processed to fit the size of the inlet slice.

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