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It is an industrial furnace company specializing in the design and manufacture of industrial furnace equipment and thermal engineering systems. It is engaged in the manufacture of medium-frequency induction heating furnaces for energy-saving intermediate frequency furnaces, medium frequency electric furnaces, medium frequency melting furnaces, diathermic furnaces and medium frequency diathermy furnaces. Our main products: foundry and casting workshop: medium frequency induction furnace, medium frequency furnace for aluminum and aluminum base alloy, one to two intermediate frequency furnace, series inverter intermediate frequency furnace, medium frequency furnace for copper and copper base alloy, Medium frequency furnace for fused magnesium, furnace for melting silicon, furnace for zinc, medium frequency furnace equipment for tin. Our scope of supply also includes after-sales service worldwide, in addition to the normal spare parts supply. Provide maintenance and upgrades to existing equipment.

Medium frequency furnace melting workshop control and management system:
Remote monitoring and diagnosis

The first time for you to test equipment 
Office melting management system
Smelting management system with weighing device
Remote monitoring
Automatic control of the whole process of melting
Furnace lining sintering automatic program control
Analyze available materials, recommend charge ratio
Smelting management system with weighing device for real-time monitoring of furnace feeding
Connected to the energy usage control system
Save a large number of records and make detailed reports
Touch screen remote display for operator use
Real-time mode of molten pool temperature
Cold start time control
System operation diagnostics
Insulation control
Power consumption monitoring
The smelting plant control and management system is a PLC-based technology that takes the functions of the SD Smelting management system 2018 control system one step forward. The system is designed around Industrial Ethernet, and with this tool, the electric furnace operator can precisely control and monitor the entire melting process from feeding to smelting to tapping. In addition to the embedded microprocessor control, the smelting plant control and management system provides operators with smelting control modes and diagnostics, and analyzes and supports all the functions of the control system. It also has the following advantages: direct access to system data: for the smelting workshop supervisor And the management staff provides the various data needed for the operation, monitoring and evaluation of the melting plant.
Automated smelting control system with weighing
Smelting Control Management System: A temperature-based control system can calculate to a specified temperature and then use insulation power to reduce energy consumption and avoid overheating. The control system also provides automated sintering and cold start functions.
The automated smelting control system with weighing can accurately and reliably weigh the weight of molten iron, and can store and recall the melting characteristics of different materials. It is possible to set the temperature that needs to be melted. The melt management system can calculate the amount of electricity required to reach the target temperature based on the target temperature and the weight of the charge. The system can automatically melt with the best quality power ratio output.
Easy to use: The system has an easy-to-use intuitive screen and excellent industrial hardware that is easy to master and maintain. A graphical display of operational data helps to understand this information more clearly and easily.
 In order to have a good professional knowledge and strive to provide good benefits to our customers, we invest in research and development and are committed to technological innovation. To this end, our R&D team consists of experienced and multidisciplinary experts who are able to utilize a variety of resources:
Advanced simulation tools such as Finite Element Method (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and 3D CAD software.
 The Technology Center, where you can perform prototype-scale testing of the casting and heat treatment equipment, model validation, or seek answers to specific questions on behalf of the customer.
 Adhering to the business philosophy of "focus on energy saving, energy saving, and enjoy green life", the forward thinking of the innovative thinking, technology frontier; the pioneers' wisdom and pursuit, in the forefront of the times. With a group of experienced and highly skilled professional and technical personnel, according to the actual needs of customers, we provide applicable and personalized electric furnace overall solutions to create a good electric furnace brand.

  • 3T induction iron melting furnace

  • 2T medium frequency iron melting furnac

  • 1 ton medium frequency induction steel

  • 1.5T medium frequency induction mel

  • 0.25T medium frequency induction steel

  • 0.5T melting furnace

  • 0.5T aluminum shell hydraulic melting fu

  • 50T medium frequency induction heating m

  • 30 tons medium frequency induction

  • 10T medium frequency induction melt

  • 5T 2 simultaneous melting furnaces

  • 3T steel shell hydraulic melting furnace

  • 2T medium frequency iron melting furnac

  • 1 ton steel shell hydraulic melting furn

  • 1 ton plug rod medium frequency holding

  • 1.5T steel shell hydraulic melting

  • 0.25T steel shell hydraulic melting furn

  • 0.5T intermediate frequency melting furn

  • Copper wire copper tube bright annealing

  • Automatic round steel medium frequency h

  • Aluminum tube induction heating continuo

  • Aluminum induction heating production li

  • Steel pipe heat treatment production lin

  • Bar heat treatment Induction heating pro

  • 800KW / 6KHz frequency heating furnace a

  • Energy-saving 3 ton medium frequency ind

  • Energy saving 1 ton induction melting fu

  • Energy-saving 0.5T induction melting fur

  • Large diameter round steel automati

  • Pneumatic multi-contact internal force c

  • Vertical Split-type boxless Injection au

  • Horizontal type hot core box double shot

  • Modeling machine,Horizontal vertical mol

  • Steel billet online heating

  • Billet heating furnace

  • 3T melting furnace

  • 2T medium frequency induction melting fu

  • 1 ton melting furnace

  • Bar (round) forging frequency

  • A single layer of epoxy powder coating Ф

  • Ф108—Ф630 steel pipe 3PE anti-corrosion

  • 3PE pipe anti-corrosion Ф89—Ф820 steel p

  • Φ 60 —Φ 140 single epoxy spraying produc

  • 1.5T melting furnace

  • 0.25T melting furnace

  • 0.5T melting furnace

  • Rolling steel heating furnace

  • 30 tons medium frequency induction melti

  • 10T medium frequency induction melting f

  • 5T molten steel furnace

  • 3T aluminum shell hydraulic melting furn

  • 3T steel shell hydraulic melting furnace

  • 1.5T aluminum shell hydraulic melti

  • 2T melting furnace

  • 1 ton aluminum shell hydraulic melting f

  • 0.25T steel shell hydraulic melting furn

  • 0.5T aluminum shell hydraulic melting fu

  • Intermediate frequency heating furnace

  • Medium Frequency Heating ​Furnace

  • Billet heating furnace
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