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Vacuum exhaust method of lamb slicer

Vacuum exhaust method of lamb slicer

In order to ensure that we can taste fresher and better-tasting meat slices, we need to exhaust the air in the package in time when using the lamb slicer to ensure the brand-newness of the equipment and the effect of using it better. So what are the methods for vacuum exhaust of lamb slicer?

1. The air-exhaust seal is to extract the air from the packaging container through a vacuum pump on the mutton slicer. After reaching a certain degree of vacuum, it will be sealed immediately, and the vacuum tumbler will form a vacuum state in the packaging container.

2. Heating and exhausting is by heating the container filled with the mutton slicer, expelling the air from the packaging container through thermal expansion of the air and evaporation of water in the food, and then sealing and cooling to make the packaging container form A certain degree of vacuum. Compared with the heating and exhausting method, the air-exhausting and sealing method can reduce the heating time and better preserve the color and flavor of the food.

mutton slicer can achieve vacuum exhaust by pumping air and heating, expelling the air inside, forming a certain aseptic environment, maintaining its vacuum degree, renewing the machine, and keeping the meat delicious.

The above is the vacuum exhaust method of the mutton slicer. We can achieve it by pumping and heating. It is convenient, simple and practical. We can learn about it so that users can taste better quality meat slices.

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