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Vertical lamb slicing machine processing process

Vertical lamb slicing machine processing process

Since the beef and mutton rolls we eat are processed by these equipment, let’s introduce the processing process of these equipment on the beef and mutton.

Before cutting beef and mutton rolls, we will freeze the meat, or we can buy large meat rolls that have been frozen by other processing companies, and they can be sliced ​​directly on the machine at a suitable temperature, because the original disc slicer can only cut The raw material is frozen into round meat rolls, so some processors who freeze their own meat cannot complete the slicing work, while the vertical slicer is different. Due to the unique design of the machine, the meat frozen by ordinary merchants can be used. Raw materials, this saves a lot of cost.

The intelligent numerical control system is also another major feature of the vertical mutton slicer: the advent of the intelligent era can save us a lot of time and manpower. The intelligent numerical control can control the thickness of the cut meat rolls and can automatically detect whether the raw materials have been sliced. After the raw material is sliced, the meat pushing device of the machine can be returned to the original position.

The blade is also another major feature of the vertical lamb slicer. The quality of the blade and the angle of the blade play a very important role in the appearance of the cut shape and the maintenance of the meat quality. The blades of vertical slicers are generally made of domestic high-speed tool steel or imported blade materials, which can ensure that the meat rolls are frozen too hard during slicing, which will damage the blades and reduce the number of customers sharpening the knife. Make the processing of beef and mutton easier and more labor-saving.

As the main equipment for beef and mutton processing, the vertical slicer can save a lot of cost, manpower and time for small and medium-sized meat processing SMEs under the current situation that the price of beef and mutton is generally rising. The market for food machinery processing companies is positive.

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