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Technical specifications for lamb slicer’s knife

Technical specifications for lamb slicer’s knife

After buying the mutton slicer, if you want to make full use of the benefits of the equipment and make the mutton slices cut by the equipment more delicious, you must read the instructions carefully. First, you must have an understanding of the use of the equipment, such as about the knife Relevant technical specifications.

1. The technical action of the lamb slicing machine’s knife is completely opposite to that of knife sharpening. Practice using the entire length of the knife skin to evenly complete the blade. You must practice how to turn the knife every time you snare to avoid cutting the knife skin.

2. If observed under a microscope with a magnification of 100 times, it can be seen that the knife edge exhibits a very fine intermittent line, such as a row of very fine and uniform serrations, which is the edge of the so-called mutton slicer.

3. Holding the handle of the knife in your hand, without using the knife shell, move the back of the knife back on the knife belt upwards (that is, the direction opposite to the sharpening direction), and then pull it back down with the back of the knife back after reversing. Repeat this action to grind, usually 3-5 minutes.

The correct operation method can ensure that all tasks are carried out better. Therefore, when using the lamb slicer, you must master the correct operating specifications. In the technique of nasal knives, we must also master the correct method of operation.

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