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How to maintain frozen meat slicer

How to maintain frozen meat slicer

1. The shell of the frozen meat slicer does not need maintenance under normal conditions, mainly to waterproof and protect the power cord, avoid damage to the power cord and clean it.

2. Routine maintenance of components: after each use, remove the tee, screws, blade orifice plate, etc., remove the residue, and then re-install in the original order. The purpose of this is to ensure, on the one hand, the hygiene of the frozen meat slicer and processed food, and, on the other hand, the flexibility of disassembly and assembly of the meat grinder components, which facilitates maintenance and replacement.

3. Blades and orifice plates are vulnerable parts and may need to be replaced after a period of use. In particular, blades may become dull after prolonged use, affecting sectioning results and requiring sharpening or replacement.

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