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The assembly of the blade of beef and mutton slicer

The assembly of the blade of beef and mutton slicer

Beef and mutton slicing machine is the equipment we have used more frequently in restaurants and restaurants in recent years, mainly because it is convenient to operate, saves time and effort, reduces personnel waste, and improves work efficiency. The blade is the main component of the slicing machine, and its assembly quality It directly affects the quality of the sliced ​​meat, so when we choose the slicer, we must pay attention to the configuration of the blade.

1. The cutting edge of the blade is installed along the transfer of the cutter. The blade of beef and mutton slicer is made of tool steel. The blade must be sharp. After a period of use, the blade becomes blunt. At this time, the blade should be replaced or re-grinded. Otherwise, the cutting efficiency will be affected. Discharge directly affects the quality of the finished product.

2. After assembling or replacing the blade, the fastening nut must be tightened to ensure that the grid does not move, otherwise the relative movement between the movement of the grid and the rotation of the blade will also cause the effect of refining the material. The blade of the beef and mutton slicer must be in close contact with the grid, otherwise it will affect the cutting efficiency.

3. The screw feeder rotates in the wall of the machine to prevent the screw surface from colliding with the wall of the machine. If it touches slightly, the machine will be damaged immediately. However, the gap between them should not be too large. If the gap is too large, it will affect the feeding efficiency and extrusion force, and it may cause the material to flow back from the gap. Therefore, the processing and installation requirements of this part of the parts are relatively high.

In order to ensure that when we choose beef and mutton slicers, we must choose better quality blades to improve work efficiency while also improving the quality of meat slices.

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