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Overload protection of beef and mutton slicer

Overload protection of beef and mutton slicer

Beef and mutton slicer is a kind of food machinery often used in hot pot restaurants. It specializes in cutting beef and mutton, various frozen meats and other foods. In order to save time, hot pot restaurants often cut a lot of meat at one time, which is easy to cause overload, and its overload protection How did it work?

1. The staff must prepare before operation and wear safety gloves on both hands.

2. When installing the beef and mutton slicer saw blade before use, pay attention to which side of the saw blade is. The correct one should be that the serration on the right cutting surface faces downward.

3. The scraper is in the state of pressing the saw blade of the beef and mutton slicer, but it should be noted that it cannot touch the saw tip. Because it will make a lot of noise after touching the saw tip, and it will directly shorten the service life of the saw blade.

4. It is forbidden to directly grab meat with your hands for work, especially small meat, even if you wear gloves, because the high-speed saw is too dangerous.

5. After using the beef and mutton slicing machine, it is recommended to loosen the handle of the saw band tension on the top of the machine for 2 turns to tighten the handle when it is used next time. The effect is to extend the service life of the saw blade.

beef and mutton slicer has an overload protection device, mainly to protect the machine when the machine is overloaded, prevent the machine from being damaged due to overload, and protect the machine to a certain extent.

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