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How to adjust accessories for frozen meat slicer

How to adjust accessories for frozen meat slicer

1. Adjustment

When adjusting, first loosen and tighten the copper column nut, and then turn the thickness direction on the nut and copper column to adjust. After the thickness is adjusted, the nut and the copper column must be tightened. If the cutter head is parallel to the blade, do not turn on the machine. The cutter head must be lower than the blade of the frozen meat slicer to start cutting.

2. Replace the blade

(1) Insert the hexagonal handle into the hole on the side of the machine, turn it to change the direction of the wheel and then change the knife. When changing the knife, loosen the two hexagonal screws of the blade and insert the blade to replace it.

(2) When using the frozen meat slicer, pay attention to frequent rubbing oil on the knife bowl to avoid dirt. If the tablet tails and small fragments appear, this indicates that the softening is not proper or the blade is not sharp, and the knife must be replaced or sharpened.

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