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Assembling the reamer of the mutton slicer

Assembling the reamer of the mutton slicer

In the cold winter, hot hot pot is everyone’s favorite, and hot pot is inseparable from the mutton slicer. The function of the cutter is to cut the mutton into meat rolls. Its assembly can be carried out according to the following methods:

The cutter blade is installed along the cutter transfer. The reamer is made of tool steel, and the blade needs to be sharp. After a period of use, the blade becomes blunt. At this time, the blade should be replaced or re-grinded, otherwise it will affect the cutting efficiency of the lamb slicer, and it may make some boring instead of shredding. After discharge, it is discharged into a slurry after squeezing and grinding, which directly affects the quality of the finished product.

After assembling or replacing the reamer of the mutton slicer, the fastening nut must be tightened to ensure that the grating does not move, otherwise the relative movement between the movement of the grating and the rotation of the reamer will also cause the grinding of the material. effect. The reamer must be in close contact with the grating, otherwise it will affect the cutting efficiency of the mutton slicer.

The reamer is the main component of the mutton slicer, which plays the role of cutting mutton slices. It should be assembled in accordance with the regulations, so that the screws on it are tightened, so that the reamer is fixed on the slicer for a long time.

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