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Main points of using lamb slicer

Main points of using lamb slicer

1. If you feel that the machine is unstable during use, it will be easier to use the machine with screw holes that can be fixed on the table.

2. For frozen meat rolls, you must use the mutton slicer with the skin facing inwards. The fresh meat is facing outwards, one is good-looking, and the other is that it is easy to cut without a knife.

3. If the knife is slippery and the meat cannot be gripped after cutting several hundred catties continuously, it means that the blade of the mutton slicer has stopped, and the knife should be sharpened.

4. When the mutton slicer is moving, it is important not to move it to the left (the direction of the meat). This will deform the knife. This is an important point.

5. According to the conditions of use, the knife guard needs to be removed and cleaned in one week, cleaned with a damp cloth and then wiped dry with a dry cloth.

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