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Meat cutting steps of frozen meat slicer

Meat cutting steps of frozen meat slicer

1. Lift the meat press rack to the upper end of the meat carrier and turn it out, and hang it on the upper pin of the meat carrier.

2. Gently place the meat with appropriate hardness in the meat table of the frozen meat slicer.

3. Press the meat press on the top of the meat block. If the meat block is long, it is not necessary to press the meat press. When the meat block is cut to the right length, press the meat press on the top of the meat block.

4. First turn on the knife and turn the switch to move the switch upwards, then turn on the meat delivery switch, first cut a few slices, turn off the meat delivery switch of the frozen meat slicer to observe whether the thickness of the meat slices is appropriate, if appropriate, move the meat delivery switch upwards to the on position Then cut the meat continuously, stop cutting the meat first, stop the meat switch, and then stop the knife to turn the switch.

5. Gently hold the meat piece with the top meat rod. Use the top meat rod locking button to fix the top meat rod.

6. The frozen meat slicer is a drip-proof structure. After the work is finished, unplug the power plug and remove the oil from the minced meat on the machine. It is strictly forbidden to rinse it with water.

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