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What are the types of lamb slicers?

What are the types of lamb slicers?

1. Lamb slicing machine for family use: For families, this machine has a good price/performance ratio, is cheap, and does not take up space. However, the machine needs to be operated manually, and sometimes the minced meat will be stuck in some places and other activities. The slicing and cutting of rolls is not very smooth, which affects the working speed.

2. Disc lamb slicing machine: It is better for small hot pot restaurants and small butcher shops. The price is slightly more expensive than the previous one. The workload is not large enough. Only one meat roll can be cut at a time, and because of its pressing mouth Due to the restrictions, the meat rolls must have size requirements, and the meat rolls must be slow-frozen before they can work on the machine.

  1. Vertical-cut mutton slicer: The machine itself is larger, more expensive, more stable, and has a larger workload. It is significantly better than the above two models in terms of work efficiency and labor saving. The blade material used is also much better than the above two machines. The cut meat rolls and slices are more uniform in thickness, without destroying the meat quality and taste, and the safety factor is high.

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