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How to choose a satisfactory beef and mutton slicer

How to choose a satisfactory beef and mutton slicer

With the rapid development of hot pot restaurants, restaurants, and restaurants in my country, beef and mutton slicers used in these industries have become more and more frequently used. Various models of slicers have also appeared on the market. The more models, the more unavoidable. There are some small vendors who sell equipment of poor quality for their own benefit. How will we select them to prevent being deceived?

There are various types of machines for slicing beef and mutton, such as disc type, vertical cutting type and flat cutting type. The quality of the machine really stumps some people who do not understand machinery. Many people think that the good-looking and complete packaging of the machine is a good machine. However, it cannot be denied that many people do not understand the internal parts of the machine. There are many parts (including motors, reducers, gears, etc.) inside the machine. So how to distinguish a good quality beef and mutton slices?

First of all, we need to see whether the packaging of the machine is regular, whether the label and many attention signs are intact, and whether the junction of the packaging of the machine is flat.

Secondly, we need to listen to the sound of the machine. You can first listen to whether the sound of the motor is normal, and whether the sound of the reducer driven by the motor is too loud. Also listen to whether the noise of the machine itself is too loud, the parts are installed in the machine very finely, so the noise will not be too big after operation. If the internal lubrication system of the machine is not perfect, the noise of the machine will be too loud and abnormal noise will be produced.

Then we can look at the effect of the machine running and the effect of slicing. If the quality of the machine is good and it is produced by a regular manufacturer, then the cut meat rolls will have uniform thickness and beautiful shape, otherwise the thickness of the meat roll will appear. The problem of unevenness. So as long as we carefully observe and grasp the above points, we can easily choose a good quality mutton slicer, beef and mutton slicer.

When we are buying cattle and sheep such as slicers, we can refer to the methods introduced above to prevent being deceived, laborious and time-consuming, and the effect is not good. Then, we must go to a regular manufacturer for selection, which is also the key.

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