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Maintenance of beef and mutton slicer

Maintenance of beef and mutton slicer

After we use any kind of equipment for a period of time, our work efficiency will decrease. Generally, we think it is a quality problem. In fact, we need to maintain and maintain it on a regular basis. The beef and mutton slicer is also like this.

1. Unplug the power plug before the beef and mutton slicer is maintained. As long as the blade is still pressed in the appliance, the slice thickness adjustment plate should be adjusted to the zero position, that is, the blade is lower than the height of the adjustment plate;

2. After cleaning the grease on the beef and mutton slicing machine, unscrew the lever of the knife cover by hand, remove the knife cover with both hands for cleaning, remove the knife guard, clean the minced meat and grease on the inside and outside of the knife guard, and paint the grease on the front and back of the knife. Must be thoroughly cleaned.

If you want the beef and mutton slicer to last longer, maintain the same working efficiency, and reduce equipment failures, this is inseparable from the maintenance methods introduced above. You can refer to the above methods. Our equipment can perform better.

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