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Safe operation procedures for the use of mutton slicer equipment

Safe operation procedures for the use of mutton slicer equipment

1. Check the equipment before starting:

Ensure that the power cord, plug and socket are in good condition; the equipment is stable, and no loose parts are made; the safety device and each operation switch are normal; after confirming that there is no abnormality, start the equipment for trial operation, and then carry out the operation.

2. Specifications for the use of mutton slicer:

1. Adjust the thickness of the meat to be cut, put the frozen meat without bones on the bracket and press the platen.

2. The cutting temperature of frozen meat should be between -4 and -8°C.

3. After turning on the power, first start the cutter head, and then start the left and right swing. Do not put your hands directly near the blade during work.

4. When it is found that the cutting is difficult, stop the machine to check the edge of the mutton slicer, and use the sharpener to sharpen the blade.

5. After the machine is stopped, unplug the power plug and hang it on the fixed position of the equipment.

6. It is necessary to add lubricating oil to the swing guide rod every week, and use a knife sharpener to sharpen the blade.

7. It is strictly forbidden to rinse the machine directly with water, and the mutton slicer must be grounded reliably.

In order to make the mutton slicer better achieve the expected use effect and improve production efficiency, we should carefully read the relevant instructions and precautions when using it, and check the wiring of the equipment before slicing to ensure smooth slicing.

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