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How to seal the mutton slicer?

How to seal the mutton slicer?

1. Air extraction and sealing: On the mutton slicer, the air in the packaging container is pumped out by a vacuum pump. After reaching a certain degree of vacuum, it is immediately sealed, and the vacuum tumbler makes the packaging container form a vacuum state.

2. Heating and exhausting: by heating the container filled with the mutton slicer, the air in the packaging container is discharged through the thermal expansion of the air and the evaporation of moisture in the food, and then after sealing and cooling, the packaging container is formed into a certain shape. vacuum. Compared with the heating exhaust method, the air extraction and sealing method can reduce the time for the contents to be heated and better preserve the color and aroma of the food.

In comparison, the two have their own characteristics and are the commonly used vacuum sealing methods for mutton slicers. Among them, the vacuum sealing method is widely used, especially for products with slow heating and exhaust conduction.

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