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Precautions for the use of frozen meat slicer

Precautions for the use of frozen meat slicer

The use of beef and sheep slicer has been mentioned before, so how to slice frozen meat? The meat frozen in the refrigerator can be sliced without thawing and can be sliced ​​with a frozen meat slicer. If the slicer has the best effect and long service life, the following precautions should be taken during use:

1. Frozen fresh meat must be thawed 2 hours in advance in the freezer at about -5°C before being sliced. When you need to adjust the thickness, you need to check that the positioning head does not touch the baffle before adjusting.

2, the frozen meat slicer must be unplugged before cleaning. Only clean it with a damp cloth, and then wipe it dry with a dry cloth, once a day to maintain food hygiene.

3. When the cut meat has uneven thickness or more minced meat, you need to sharpen the knife. When sharpening the knife, the blade should be cleaned first to remove the oil stains on the blade.

4. According to the usage, take off the knife guard in about one week for cleaning, clean it with a damp cloth, and then dry it with a dry cloth. Refueling about once a week, the automatic frozen meat slicer needs to move the carrying plate to the refueling line on the right before refueling every time the automatic frozen meat slicer refuels, and the semi-automatic slicer refuels on the stroke axis. Sewing machine oil must be added.

5. After cleaning every day, use a carton or wooden box to seal the slicer.

For meat rolls with a temperature of minus 18 degrees, the frozen meat slicer can be sliced ​​on the machine, the meat slices are not broken, and the shape is beautiful; the blade is easy to replace, which solves the problem of difficult sharpening. You can use the slicer to slice the frozen meat in normal cooking. .

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