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Daily maintenance method of mutton slicer

Daily maintenance method of mutton slicer

Check the oil level in the fuel tank regularly. When the oil level is below 4/1 of the oil aiming area, the oil should be filled into the filler cup; stop the loading tray on the right end (blade end) and fill the calcium base into the filler cup. It is normal for lubricating oil (oil) to lubricate the main shaft. A small amount of oil leakage at the bottom of the main shaft is a normal phenomenon. After refueling, it should stay for about 10 minutes before turning on the machine.

To ensure food hygiene, machine parts that come into contact with food must be cleaned daily. Do not wash with water when cleaning. Cleaning agents must be non-corrosive.

Before cleaning, unplug the power cord and wear protective gloves. Nail plates must be cleaned carefully. Remove the cleaning solution with a brush.

To clean the blade, first turn the fixing screw in the center of the blade clockwise (note: the screw is a left-handed screw, turn clockwise to loosen, turn counterclockwise to tighten), then after removing the blade, wipe both sides of the blade with a soft cleaning solution Allow to dry, taking care that your fingers do not face the cut edge to avoid cuts.

After cleaning, it should be dried. The blade and nail plate guide shaft should be coated with cooking oil. NOTE: The power button must be turned off and the power plug unplugged before servicing the machine.

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