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Judge the basis for sharpening the frozen meat slicer

Judge the basis for sharpening the frozen meat slicer

If the frozen meat slicer always maintains good working efficiency, this is inseparable from the usual maintenance of its main accessories. The blade is an important part of the frozen meat slicer. The quality of the blade determines the working efficiency of the equipment, the effect of the meat slice, etc. , How to judge whether the blade needs to be replaced or sharpened?

1. The thickness of the meat slices cut by the frozen meat slicer is uneven; there are many fragments during the slicing process;

2. During the slicing process, the meat does not eat a knife, and the meat is scratched from the surface of the blade without slicing;

3. Manually press the meat to slice normally; during the knife sharpening, turn off the machine from time to time to check whether the blade of the frozen meat slicer is sharpened to avoid excessive knife sharpening.

When cutting meat in the future, if the above situations occur, it means that we need to replace the blade. If the effect is still not obvious after sharpening the knife, then consider replacing the blade to troubleshoot the frozen meat slicer.

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