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Reasons for the high start frequency of beef and mutton slicer

Reasons for the high start frequency of beef and mutton slicer

Many restaurants use beef and mutton slicers, which can cut the meat very uniformly and with moderate thickness. The meat rolls cut with the slicer have a better taste than the manually cut meat slices. When using it, occasionally the machine is turned on. The frequency is too high, what causes it?

1. The starting frequency of the beef and mutton slicer should not be too high. This is because the speed of the device is zero when it is started. During the starting process, the electromagnetic torque is not only conquering the load resistance torque, but also conquering the inertia mask of the rolling part. Therefore, the burden of the equipment when starting is heavier than the successive work.

2. The pulse frequency is too high, and the speed of the rotor cannot keep up with the rotation speed of the stator magnetic field, causing the equipment to fail to start.

3. The starting frequency of various beef and mutton slicers is different. Many beef and mutton slicers with high starting frequency use dual voltage operation, that is, the start is changed from high voltage to low pressure instantly, and the smaller the step distance, the more suitable high frequency starting. The larger the value, the more suitable for high-frequency operation.

4. The frequency should be gradually increased after the slicer is started.

Beef and mutton slicer start frequency is too high, it will have a certain impact on the operation of the machine, so the machine should be placed steadily, turn off the power immediately after use, do not switch back and forth frequently.

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