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Precautions for using frozen meat slicer

Precautions for using frozen meat slicer

1. Before using the frozen meat slicer to cut the meat, wash the parts that are in contact with the meat with disinfectant water, and then install them in order. Screw the front nut to the meat plate just before pressing it.

2. Loosen the tightening nut on the clutch handle, push the clutch handle to the “ground meat” indication, check whether the clutch is in place, and then tighten the nut.

3. Manually remove the skin, bone scraps and fine tendons of the meat, and cut the meat into strips with a section smaller than the aperture of the feed opening, and then put it into the feed opening.

4. When cutting meat with a frozen meat slicer, keep the blades of the two knife rows close to each other; keep the comb tip of the knife close to the outer circle of the blade septum in the knife row without gaps.

5. When grinding meat, tighten the front nut, keep the meat plate in good contact with the meat cleaver, and dredge the meat plate.

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