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Technical principle of lamb slicer

Technical principle of lamb slicer

Winter is the season for eating lamb, and lamb slicers of various specifications are gradually on the market. With it, you don’t need to spend more time manually cutting lamb. What technical principles are used in the process of using it?

1. The lamb slicing machine is decelerated by a belt and gear train, and then a ratchet mechanism is used to connect a belt to form a feeding mechanism for cakes, and meet the requirements of intermittent motion. At the same time, another set of pulleys drives the offset crank slider mechanism to move to realize the slicing of mutton.

2. The intermittent movement mechanism of the mutton slicer is coordinated with the movement mechanism of the cutting knife. Since the cutting process is the same every time, the size of each piece of mutton is the same. The thickness of the slice can be adjusted by changing the speed of the intermittent movement or the intermittent conveying distance.

The principle of mutton slicing machine is helpful for the later use of machine cutting mutton, and the thickness of mutton can be controlled by the machine, so that the mutton eaten by customers is tender and delicious, which brings greater economic benefits to the entire restaurant.

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