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Manual knife sharpening method for frozen meat slicer

Manual knife sharpening method for frozen meat slicer

The blade of frozen meat slicer will appear “blunt” after using it for a period of time. At this time, it needs to be re-sharpened, because the blade uses the middle part more when cutting meat, so you must pay attention to balance when sharpening the knife. What are its manual sharpening methods?

1. Place the grindstone in a place with high friction, so that it can prevent the grindstone from sliding during friction and affect the effect.

2. If you just use a grindstone for polishing, sometimes the polishing will be very slow and the effect is not very good, so you can drop a small amount of dilute lubricating oil or liquid paraffin on it and wipe it evenly to increase the friction coefficient and speed up the friction. speed.

3. When sharpening the knife, the frozen meat slicer should install the handle and the knife holder on the slicer so that the blade is forward, and lay it flat on the grindstone surface.

4. When sharpening the knife, the fingers should keep the correct position so that the force is even and easy to slide. The blade is facing the front of the sharpener, and the slicing knife is obliquely pushed forward from the lower right corner of the grindstone to the upper left corner of the grindstone to the heel. , And then flip and sharpen the knife back and forth according to this step.

5. If there is a gap on the blade, follow the above process to continue to grind the gap, and for some more damaged frozen meat slicer blades, you need to use two kinds of grindstones for grinding. Now the coarse grindstone will be ground with a large gap. Drop, and then sharpen the blade on a fine grindstone.

Frozen meat slicers should pay attention to the method when manually sharpening the knife. The purpose of sharpening the knife is to sharpen the blade again. The method and technique vary from person to person, but the principle is to grind all the knife edges to make the blades balanced.

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