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Types of slicing knife for frozen meat slicer

Types of slicing knife for frozen meat slicer

There are many types of slicing knives for frozen meat slicers. Generally speaking, it mainly chooses the corresponding slicing knife type according to the characteristics of the equipment. The common types are flat-concave, deep flat-concave, flat-wedge and double-concave. Shapes, etc., different hardness of meat, different people use equipment, will choose different slicing knives, the following is a detailed introduction of its types:

1. Flat-concave shape: used for sliding slicers or some rotary frozen meat slicers.

2, flat wedge: used for general paraffin section and macroscopic specimen section.

3, deep flat concave shape: only used for collodion slicing, because the knife edge is thin, the blade will vibrate when cutting hard materials with it.

4. Double concave shape: used for rocking frozen meat slicer and sliding slicer to cut paraffin slices.

The slicing knife of the frozen meat slicer can be divided into these four types. The four types have different shapes, different hardness suitable for meat, different applicable occasions, and different suitable equipment. When using, they can be adapted according to the situation. Choose your own slicing knife, which can also improve the efficiency of the slicing machine and reduce costs.

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