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Selection of slicing knife for frozen meat slicer

Selection of slicing knife for frozen meat slicer

When the frozen meat slicer is used, the quality of the meat slices is partly determined by the slicing knife of the frozen meat slicer. Therefore, when we choose the slicer, the choice of the slicing knife is also very important. Then we choose according to what ?

1. Flat-concave shape: used for sliding slicers or some rotary frozen meat slicers.

2. Deep flat concave shape: only used for collodion slicing, because the blade is thin, the blade will vibrate when cutting hard materials.

3. Double concave shape: used for rocking frozen meat slicer and sliding slicer to cut paraffin slices.

4. Flat wedge: used for general paraffin section and macroscopic specimen section.

Different types of frozen meat slicers have different slicing knives. We can choose a slicer according to the quality of the frozen meat, so as to cut out better quality meat slices and improve work efficiency.

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