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How to deal with the dullness of the frozen meat slicer blade

How to deal with the dullness of the frozen meat slicer blade

1. The sharpening method that moves forward is faster and more efficient. Polish the slicing knife. Get a trowel ready.

2. The fingers should be kept in the correct position of the slicer to make the force smooth and easy to slide. Hold the handle with your right hand and the holster with your left.

3. The blade faces the front of the sharpener, and the cutting knife turns from the lower right corner of the grindstone to the sharpening tool.

4. The upper left corner of the stone advances obliquely to the heel of the knife, and the blade is turned from above; the knife holder cannot leave the stone when it is turned over, and the blade faces the sharpener. Move the blade laterally so that the cutting edge of the slicer’s blade is centered on the front end of the grindstone and pull it diagonally back.

5. The blade is rotated again from above, and the knife is moved laterally, so that the slicing knife is in its original position on the grinding surface. The slicing knife should be in full contact with the grindstone and reused. During sharpening, press evenly across the blade with your right and left hands to avoid tipping and to prevent greasy fingers from slipping off the blade surface.

In use, the frozen meat slicer is often in contact with meat. Although passivation is inevitable, if it is handled in time, the meat cutting rate will increase, which can improve the efficiency of the entire equipment and strengthen its maintenance.

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