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Blade maintenance method of lamb slicing machine

Blade maintenance method of lamb slicing machine

The meat slices cut by the mutton slicer are uniform in thickness, the automatic rolling effect of the meat slices is good, the operation of the machine is low noise, and the stability of the whole machine is good; there is an automatic sharpening structure, which makes the sharpening operation convenient and safe; the blade is in the slicer What are the key parts of the blade and how to maintain the blade?

1. Before cleaning, grind the round knife with a whetstone to keep the lamb slicer’s round knife sharp at all times for the next day’s processing operations. The grinding time in daily maintenance can be controlled within 3 to 5 seconds;

2. Let the round knife rotate on the meat carrier to stand still, and clean the back of the round knife with a damp cloth slightly clean. From the middle of the round knife to the edge, carefully wipe the back of the round knife, and then apply the same to the exposed part of the round knife. Wipe in the same way to remove greasy and minced meat residue on the round knife;

3. After cleaning the surface of the round knife of the mutton slicer, unscrew the locking long nut behind the round knife and carefully remove the round knife guard, and clean the middle of the front of the round knife in the same way;

4. Wash and clean the removed round knife guard, dry it with a rag, and install it on the machine;

5. Use a damp cloth with a little wash to clean the body part, and wipe it dry with a rag.

The blade of the lamb slicing machine is very important. The blades must be cleaned and maintained frequently to extend the service life of the slicing machine. Cut more delicious mutton rolls in a short time and help reduce costs.

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