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Structure classification of mutton slicer

Structure classification of mutton slicer

According to the different operation methods, the mutton slicer is divided into three categories: automatic, semi-automatic and manual, which correspond to large factories and large catering enterprises, small restaurants and hot pot restaurants, and family use.

According to the different cutting knives, the mutton slicer is divided into two types: round knife type and straight-cut type. At present, most of the catering enterprises use the straight-cut mutton slicer.

According to the different lifting structure of the cutter movement, it is divided into three types: mechanical type, start-up type and hybrid type;

Because the pneumatic lifting mechanism is pneumatically driven, the compressed air can be recycled to reduce power consumption, and under the buffer of the compressed air, the lifting is stable and time is saved.

Mechanical lifting mechanism, simple structure, reliability check, easy to damage slices.

When mixing, the lifting structure combines the advantages of the two, and the effect is better, but the structure is more complicated.

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