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Sharpening stone for frozen meat slicer

Sharpening stone for frozen meat slicer

The blade is one of the important parts of the frozen meat slicer. It speeds up the cutting speed of the slicer. Knife sharpening is a basic skill for slicing technology. Using a whetstone can make the cutting edge of the slicer sharp.

1. There are many types of grindstones for frozen meat slicers; natural grindstones: carefully select inkstones with pure texture, no impurities and hard grind”.

2. Industrial gold steel sand grindstone; there are many specifications and grades, with uniform fineness, which can be used to grind the larger gaps on the slicing blade with heavier damage.

3. Flat glass: cut appropriate size for grinding stone, add lead oxide and other abrasives on the surface of the grinding stone, use the same method as ordinary grinding stone, the advantage is that it can be used in a glass The board is used for “coarse grinding”, “medium grinding” or “fine grinding”.

4. The size of the whetstone varies according to the size and type of the slicing knife of the frozen meat slicer. When sharpening the knife, you need to add dilute lubricating oil, soapy water or water. The oil is better. After the grindstone is used, the abrasive and small Metal shavings. The grindstone is fixed in a box, and there are grooves around the grindstone to facilitate drainage of excess oil and water.

After using the frozen meat slicer, the lid should be closed immediately to prevent dirt or dust from falling onto the knife, which will affect the sharpening effect. Usually, the knife should be sharpened before use, which brings convenience for later use.

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