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Preparations before sharpening the frozen meat slicer

Preparations before sharpening the frozen meat slicer

1. Observe the blade first: Take the blade out of the frozen meat slicer and face it towards the eyes, so that the blade surface is about 30° from the line of sight. At this time, you will see an arc on the blade, which is a white blade line, indicating that the blade is dull.

2. Prepare a whetstone: Be sure to prepare a fine whetstone. If the blade line is thick, prepare a rough sharpening stone to sharpen the knife quickly. If your frozen meat slicer doesn’t have a fixed sharpening stand, you can find a thick cloth under the sharpening stone. Put some water on the whetstone.

After the frozen meat slicer is used for a period of time, its blade will become dull and the speed of slicing lamb will become slower. At this time, the knife needs to be sharpened in time to improve the sharpness of the blade. Before sharpening the knife, some preparations need to be done. , to improve the sharpening efficiency.

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