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How to Sharpen Beef and Lamb Slicer Blades

How to Sharpen Beef and Lamb Slicer Blades

1. Sharpening stone.

A sharpening stone is needed to sharpen the knife. If the blade of the beef and mutton slicer is thicker, first use a thick sharpening stone to sharpen it; then use a fine sharpening stone for fine grinding to make the blade sharper.

2. Remove the rust from the kitchen knife.

The blade will rust after a long time. At this time, it is necessary to remove the rust of the kitchen knife. First, use a coarse stone to grind it, and then use a fine stone to grind it, as long as the surface of the knife is polished.

3. Sharpen the kitchen knife in the same direction.

When sharpening the knife, it should be sharpened in the same direction. If you sharpen it back and forth, it will easily damage the kitchen knife, the knife will not be fast, and the effort will be wasted; the direction is from the back of the knife to the edge of the knife, and the sharpening angle should be consistent; Lamb slicer blades should be sharpened on both sides so that they will be sharper.

4. The same side of the blade should be ground at different angles.

When grinding one side of the blade, first grind a small angle, such as 2 to 3 degrees. After grinding, increase the angle by 3 to 4 degrees, and then 4 to 5 degrees. The single side of the knife needs to be ground 2-3 angles. , the closer to the blade, the larger the angle, so the sharper the knife will be sharpened.

5. Check the sharpness of the knife.

After the blade of the beef and mutton slicer is sharpened, it is necessary to check whether the knife is sharp. At this time, you can use the sharpened knife to cut a piece of paper or a piece of cloth. If the cutting is effortless and fast, the knife is well sharpened. .

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