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Some problems should be paid attention to in the use of beef and mutton slicer

Some problems should be paid attention to in the use of beef and mutton slicer

1. Before working, check whether the blade guard, bracket and other parts are loose or damaged.

2. When the machine is running, the human body should keep a safe distance from the moving meat feeding mechanism to prevent bumps. When taking the beef and mutton to the bracket and placing the cut beef and mutton, the beef and mutton slicer must be turned off to avoid danger.

3. When operating the machine, it should not be worn through fat clothing, and long hair should be covered with a hat.

4. Do not cut meat with bone and temperature below -6°C. If the meat embryo is frozen too hard, it is easy to break when cutting thin slices, and if the resistance is too large when cutting thick slices, it is easy to cause the motor to stall or even burn the motor. Therefore, it is necessary to slow down the meat before cutting the meat (the process of placing the frozen meat embryo in an incubator to make the temperature inside and outside rise slowly at the same time is called slow meat). The temperature inside and outside is -4°C. At this temperature, press the meat embryo with your fingernails, and indentations may appear on the surface of the meat embryo. When the slice thickness is greater than 1.5 mm, the temperature of the meat should be higher than -4°C.

5. Lubrication; during use, the oil must be refueled twice at the refueling hole every hour, and the pressure oil gun must be pressed 4-5 times each time. (You can use lubricating oil), when refueling, you should be careful to avoid being squeezed or bumped by the machine.

6. If the machine fails, it should be sent back to the department designated by the company to repair and solve the beef and mutton slicer, which should be repaired by professionals. Non-professionals are not allowed to repair without authorization, so as to avoid personal injury or mechanical and electrical failures.

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