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Why is the frozen meat slicer all rolled meat slices?

Why is the frozen meat slicer all rolled meat slices?

The meat cut by the frozen meat slicer is rolled, mainly for two reasons:

The first is the cutting angle of the blade. The blade of the frozen meat slicer is a single-edged knife. The cutting angle is this shape, usually between 45° and 35° acute angle. The angle directly affects the rolling effect, and the angle is small. It comes out in a sheet shape, which can be adjusted according to the user, such as a barbecue restaurant, on the contrary, it is cut into a roll shape at a large angle, such as a hot pot restaurant that needs to be placed on a plate.

The other is the temperature of the meat roll. Usually, the meat is taken out from the freezing mode. The temperature is low and the hardness is high, so it cannot be cut directly. One is to hurt the knife, and the other is to chop the meat and break it. It must be thawed to a suitable temperature of -4°. According to the climate and temperature at that time, due to the large temperature difference between the south and the north, the thawing time is too long, and the meat will be soft and difficult to form. There are also many methods of thawing. There are two types of thawing.

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