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How should the mutton be treated before using the mutton slicer?

How should the mutton be treated before using the mutton slicer?

The mutton is directly packaged and frozen after being cut in half. The lamb is cut, deboned, packaged, boxed and frozen. Divide, debone and freeze in freezer trays.

When the temperature of the meat is lowered below -18°C, most of the moisture in the meat forms frozen crystals, a process called freezing of the meat. The temperature at which stable nuclei are formed, or the low temperature at which it begins to rise, is called the critical temperature or subcooling temperature. From the long-term production and use experience, as the moisture of mutton freezes, the freezing point drops, and when the temperature reaches -5 to -10 ℃, about 80% to 90% of the moisture in the tissue has been frozen into ice. Such mutton is a relatively fresh meat product, and the meat cut by a mutton slicer at this time is very good.

When using the mutton slicer for initial processing of mutton, the fat and lean meat can be divided, then washed with water, and rinsing can reduce the mutton smell of the mutton. Before using the machine, the treatment of the mutton is very important.

Frozen fresh meat must be thawed at about -5°C in the refrigerator 2 hours in advance before slicing, otherwise the meat will be broken, cracked, broken, the machine will not run smoothly, etc., and the motor of the frozen meat slicer will be burned out. When the thickness needs to be adjusted, it is necessary to check that the positioning plug does not contact the baffle plate before adjusting.

Before cleaning, the power supply must be unplugged. It is strictly forbidden to rinse with water. It can only be cleaned with a damp cloth, and then wiped dry with a dry cloth, once a day to maintain food hygiene. Clean with a damp cloth and then dry it with a dry cloth. When the thickness of the meat is uneven or there are too many pieces of meat, the knife needs to be sharpened. When sharpening the knife, the blade should be cleaned first to remove the oil stains on the blade. According to the usage, refuel about once a week. , the frozen meat slicer needs to move the carrier plate to the refueling line on the right every time when refueling, and then refuel.

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