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Precautions for the use of frozen meat slicing machine

Precautions for the use of frozen meat slicing machine

1. Meat food must be frozen and hardened moderately, generally above “-6 ℃”, and should not be over-frozen. If the meat is too hard, it should be thawed first. The meat should not contain bones, so as not to damage the blade, and press it with a meat press.

2. Adjust the thickness knob to set the desired thickness.

3. Lamb Slicer Frozen meat slicer is a food slicer, suitable for cutting boneless meat and other foods with elasticity like mustard, cutting raw meat into meat slices, etc. The machine has compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation and efficiency High, low power consumption, easy to clean and maintain, safe and hygienic, the meat cutting effect is uniform and can be automatically rolled into a roll. It adopts imported Italian blades and belts and has a unique automatic lubricating device. It is an indispensable meat processing machinery for such units as processing plants.

4. The adjustment of the thickness of the meat slices is to increase or decrease the gasket behind the blade. Before using it, please drop some cooking oil in the sliding groove to reduce friction. The handle of the knife in the right hand must be moved vertically up and down, and it cannot be broken to the left (in the direction of the meat block) during the movement, which will cause the knife to deform. Frozen meat rolls must be made with the skin facing inwards and the fresh meat facing outwards. One is to look good, and the other is to cut well without a knife.

5. Press the meat roll with the left hand and gently push it towards the knife edge, and cut it with the right hand after positioning. If the knife slips and cannot hold the meat after cutting a few hundred pounds, it means that the knife has stopped and should be sharpened. There are instructions for sharpening the knife in the manual. If you can’t sharpen it yourself, let the scissors sharpen. If you feel that the machine is unstable for restaurants, there are screw holes on the machine that can be fixed on the table for better use.

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