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The reason why the mutton slicer slices too much

The reason why the mutton slicer slices too much

1. You may have bought a fake mutton roll. The real mutton roll is pink in color and has no peculiar smell. The fat and lean meat should be red and white. Although the slices are very thin, the real mutton roll does not fall apart as soon as it is cooked. But some mutton will be loose and easily chopped, which is because other meat is mixed in it. You can tell whether the meat quality is good or not by seeing the blood that comes out after the mutton rolls melt. The less blood is good, and the bad mutton is easily broken.

2. Of course, what will be broken is not necessarily fake, it may also be broken. If the mutton rolls are made, the meat that is matched during the rolling process is relatively shredded or the rolls are not tight, which may cause the meat to be easily broken and not rolled when the meat rolls are formed after slicing. In addition, before slicing, the time for the meat to slow down is short, and the meat may be brittle and not rolled.

3. The machine is used incorrectly, the slicer has a special slicing function, the frozen meat has a special frozen meat slicer, and the fresh meat has a special machine for fresh meat. The same slicer is aimed at different types of meat and is not universal, so the meat you cut will be shredded.

4. Do not use a mutton slicer. Improper use will also cause the slices to be too broken.

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