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Maintenance method of beef and mutton slicer

Maintenance method of beef and mutton slicer

1. Before using equipment such as beef and mutton slicers, bone saws, and meat grinders, read the operation manual and precautions to understand the performance and operation methods of the beef and mutton slicer. Do not use them blindly.

2. It is forbidden to wash the main body of the machine and equipment with strong water to avoid short circuit and danger; it should be cleaned with 80 ℃ warm water and detergent without fluorescent agent.

3. The gears and sliding shafts of the beef and mutton slicer should be lubricated with edible oil or butter to reduce wear and increase the service life of the equipment.

4. The removable parts of the machine can be cleaned in a sink with 80°C warm water and detergent.

5. When the knives of the beef and mutton slicer are not in use, they should be polished with a sharpening stick, then sharpened with a sharpening stone, washed with warm water and detergent, and placed in the glove box for the next day.

6. The cutting board should be cleaned before the store opens, at noon, in the evening, and after the business is over, about once every 3 to 4 hours to avoid the growth of bacteria. Do not use a cutting board from morning to night. After closing the store, the staff on the evening shift used 80°C warm water and detergent to remove the meat scraps, and covered the cutting board with a towel soaked in bleach for disinfection and bleaching.

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