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Pay attention when using the mutton slicer

Pay attention when using the mutton slicer

The raw meat to be processed should be frozen in advance, and the temperature should be controlled at about -6 °C. If the temperature is too low or the blade with bones is easy to damage, if the temperature is too high, the slicing will not be formed and the knife will stick. Press down with a meat press, adjust the thickness knob to set the required thickness,

The thickness of mutton slices is adjusted at the back of the blade of the mutton slicer by adding or reducing the gasket; use some cooking oil in the sliding groove to reduce friction. The knife handle with the right hand must be moved vertically up and down, and it cannot be broken to the left (the direction of the meat block) during the movement, which will deform the knife. Press the meat roll with the left hand and push it gently toward the knife edge, and cut it with the right hand after positioning.

After the mutton slicer is used for a period of time, the blade of the blade becomes dull, and the blade may slip and cannot hold the meat. At this time, the blade needs to be removed for sharpening. Since the blade is mainly used in the middle of the blade when the mutton slicer is working, it is seriously worn. When sharpening the blade, erase the blade gap to avoid the crescent shape that hinders slicing.

When slicing with a mutton slicer, the skin part of the meat should be inward, and the other parts should be outward.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the mutton slicer can effectively prolong its service life and reduce the occurrence of mechanical failures during work.

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