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Operation details of mutton slicer in use

Operation details of mutton slicer in use

1. Strictly check whether the wiring is correct according to the wiring diagram of the frozen meat slicer and mutton slicer, whether the manual control of the jog and stop control is correct and reliable, and check whether the running direction of the main motor is correct.

2. Lubricating oil should be added to the reduction gear box of the traction wheel, the oil level should be kept at the upper plane of the worm, and the hydraulic oil tank should be added with anti-wear hydraulic oil to the oil level line.

3. Connect all the oil pipes according to the working principle, and only after confirming that there are no abnormal phenomena such as obstructions in the system of each component, can start the frozen meat slicer and mutton slicer for a test run.

4. Meat food must be frozen and hardened moderately, generally above “-6 ℃”, and should not be over-frozen. If the meat is too hard, it should be thawed first, and the meat should not contain bones to avoid damage to the blade.

5. The thickness of the meat slices is adjusted by adding or reducing the gasket behind the blade. Before use, please drop some cooking oil in the sliding groove to reduce friction.

6. The knife handle in the right hand must be moved vertically up and down, and cannot be broken to the left (the direction of the meat block) during the movement, which will cause the knife to deform.

7. If the knife slips and cannot hold the meat after cutting a few hundred pounds, it means that the knife has stopped, and it should be sharpened.

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