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Common processing methods of beef and mutton slicer

Common processing methods of beef and mutton slicer

Beef and mutton slicing machine is our commonly used slicing machine. In order to enable it to give full play to its efficacy and save cost and waste, we need to understand its structure in advance and solve the problems that often occur during use. , What are the common treatment methods?

1. The meat does not move: it is because the meat is too hard, like the stone, it should be left for a while, usually for about 20-30 minutes.

The solution is to freeze the meat before cutting the meat, and then take the frozen meat out and let it soften a little before cutting the meat. The thickness of the meat slices and meat rolls can be adjusted by themselves.

2. If the meat is too soft or the raw meat is cut directly, it is easy to jam the blade, and it is also easy to cause gear wear and the machine no longer works.

The solution is: only replace the gear.

3. If the quality of frozen meat is poor, frozen meat rolls made from small pieces of meat are prone to minced meat when cut with a wave-shaped blade.

The solution is: using the round blades of the beef and mutton slicer will improve a lot.

4. The cut meat is uneven in thickness: it is caused by the uneven force of the manual push of the meat.

The solution is to apply uniform force along the direction of the blade rotation speed from left to right.

solves the frequent problems of beef and mutton slicer, which not only improves work efficiency, but also saves the cost of meat slices and extends the service life of the slicer.

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