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How to make your beef and mutton slicer serve you longer

How to make your beef and mutton slicer serve you longer

Beef and mutton slicers are used more frequently in rotisserie and meat processing plants. As an efficient meat slicing equipment, the correct operation and maintenance methods can extend the service life, so it is very important for employees to master the operating skills. Here to help you consult several professional and technical personnel, and summarize some of the skills of using the lamb slicer for your reference:

1. Frozen beef and mutton must be placed in the refrigerator for 2 hours in advance, and then defrosted at about -5°C before slicing. Otherwise, the meat will be broken, cracked, broken, and the machine will not be able to move smoothly. The weight will cause the slicer motor to burn out.

2. After each use of the beef and mutton slicer, the tee, screws, knife edge, etc. must be disassembled, and the residues must be removed and replaced in the original order.

3, according to the usage, you need to clean the blade for about a week, wipe it dry with a damp cloth, and wipe it with a dry cloth.

4, the blade needs to be sharpened when the meat is uneven or there is a lot of meat. Please remove the blade first, and then remove the oil on the blade.

5. According to the usage, it takes about one week to refuel. The beef and mutton slicer needs to move the plate to the right side of the refueling route and refuel every time the beef and mutton slicer refuels. The central shaft on the semi-automatic slicer is refueled.

6. ​​When using beef and mutton slicer, please clean it in time. Please clean it before cleaning and seal it with a cardboard box or wooden box.

Beef and Mutton Slicer is mainly used to make boneless meat and other elastic mustard-like products. Cut raw meat into slices, not only can cut lamb rolls and fat. Beef rolls, frozen meat, etc., can also be cut into hard fruits, vegetables, etc., which are widely used in various restaurants, canteens and other meat processing units. At the same time, the slicing efficiency is high and labor-saving.

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