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Do you know the advantages of high power and high precision of lamb automatic stringing machine in the process of barbecue preparation?

Do you know the advantages of high power and high precision of lamb automatic stringing machine in the process of barbecue preparation?

In recent years, with the prosperity and development of catering malls, barbecue malls with a very pyrotechnic atmosphere have also shown a good development trend. The change from roadside stalls to store operations was also a turning point in its development. With the changes in business methods, what remains unchanged is that people still have a strong interest in this product sold as food. Therefore, the demand for stringing in the kitchen has also increased accordingly, giving full play to the advantages of high power and high precision of the automatic lamb stringing machine in the material preparation process.

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With the upgrade of consumption, local catering malls have derived a variety of foods to meet the needs of consumer malls. However, with the rapid development of major food markets such as hot pot, Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, and barbecue, it cannot be ignored that Chinese-style barbecues that are relatively rooted and fit the “Chinese stomach” still occupy a large space in the catering market. Relevant data show that by 2019, the scale of China’s barbecue market will reach about 220 billion yuan. Although it is difficult to compare with the hot pot trajectory, its strength reaching 40% of the size of the hot pot market cannot be underestimated.

It is understood that the barbecue industry ushered in a period of rapid development in 2013, and many brand chain stores began to cater to shopping malls and expand. In less than three years from 2015 to 2018, the number of Chinese barbecue merchants increased to 290,000. In addition, after the catering industry was affected by special events last year, barbecue has also become a major category of rapid recovery in the catering industry, which also shows the development potential of this category.

However, with the increase in the number of Chinese-style barbecue restaurants and the accelerated development of chain brands, the traditional manual threading methods of roadside stalls or small barbecue restaurants also present some disadvantages, such as low threading power, high risk of stabbing workers’ fingers, and inconvenient use. , time-consuming and labor-intensive, etc. On this basis, the barbecue restaurant also makes full use of the new equipment to complete the transformation from threading machines to people.

In the past two years, some stores have reportedly started using “stringers,” which are material-placement molds with labels pierced into holes. By cutting, placing, piercing, and pressing the label by hand, the skewers can be quickly processed in batches, which also brings convenience to the skewer shop to a certain extent. However, manual threading is still labor-intensive, so its performance needs to be improved.

Now, with the advent of the multi-functional automatic mutton stringing machine, barbecue merchants also have a more suitable stringing processing method. It is understood that the current automatic mutton stringing machine is equipped with an intelligent sensor controller, which is controlled by infrared microcomputer technology. The sensitivity and precision of the equipment during operation have also improved accordingly, and the customized molds also allow the equipment to wear different thicknesses and types of food materials, making it more practical. At the same time, the automatic mutton skewering machine can complete a skewer in 1.5~2 seconds on average, and the threading speed can reach about 1800~2000 skewers per hour, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

In recent years, the consumption scene of barbecue products has gradually shifted from indoor to outdoor, and a wider and more hygienic environment is also conducive to the improvement of people’s consumption level. The application of automatic mutton stringing machine in the back kitchen field may also become a trend. At the moment of “difficult recruitment”, it will bring new help for barbecue operators to meet the manpower needs without spending too much production cost.